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Introducing Enterprise Deep Learning®. Experience on-demand deep machine learning for the enterprise.

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Clean reusable code

Store and re-use the Enterprise Deep Learning® source code for other projects. Enterprise Deep Learning® develops a solution and trains your employees to seamlessly maintain and extend that solution.

Designed for your users

Built with Google's best practices for machine learning, the open source TensorFlow deep learning framework is fully supported by the developer community. Python. Anaconda. Jupyter. Docker. AWS. Enterprise Deep Learning® uses common technologies and integrates seamlessly with the enterprise stack.

End-to-End Solutions

Built using end-to-end deep learning technologies like Google's TensorFlow framework, Enterprise Deep Learning® delivers complete, robust, and extensible solutions.

Enterprise Deep Learning uncovers value in your data

Optimize your product, start up, or portfolio with deep learning. Use the data you already collect.

  • Generalizable

    Enterprise Deep Learning's proprietary models generalize to your business problem via augmentation of pre-trained in-house neural network models.

  • User Centric Design

    Enterprise Deep Learning® takes advantage of open source data science visualization tools, effectively distilling solutions for executives.

  • Easily Customised

    Easily customise models to suit your growing start up, business or product. Take advantage of the Enterprise Deep Learning® pre-trained model library and bring your product to life.

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Modern Design

Designed with modern trends and techniques in mind, Enterprise Deep Learning® will help your product stand out in the AI market.

Your DevOps Engineers and Data Scientists can access models in real-time on the cloud. Tune parameters inside the Enterprise Deep Learning model to reduce model size and integrate models into your apps.

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Book Sam Putnam, Deep Learning Consultant.
Leverage neural networks for computer vision, natural language processing, or signal processing.1

1Deep Learning consistently outperforms machine algorithms and statistical techniques on sound and vision challenges.

Sam Putnam is CEO/Founder, and a Deep Learning Consultant, at Enterprise Deep Learning. He directs machine learning projects, solves clients' business problems, and trains deep neural networks on large datasets. Sam is also a contributor to the TensorFlow machine learning project and a member of the Machine Learning Society. Sam previously worked at the Dartmouth Center for Imaging Medicine, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and the Lab for Cognition and Control in Complex Systems.

To discuss remote project-based work or to inquire about a masterclass, contact Sam.


Deep learning is only one technique in the larger field of machine learning. The mission of Enterprise Deep Learning is to solve your business problems with the right tool for the job.


Educating new entrants to the field in New York, Cambridge, Hanover, and online by teaching Deep Learning Conf®, Data Science Conf®, Artificial Intelligence Conf®, and AI Month®, the 30-day online course.

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